Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's christmas time -II

Keeping up with christmas spirit, sharing some of the photographs of window display from the recent trip to dubai. 

Glittering Tree in the lobby 
To some innovative trees in window displays 

And Santa in Marilyn Monore Style :)

and a kid's dream coming true in the toys r us tree filled with very desirable toys 

Some more fun displays 

whatever be the shape size and type of your christmas tree (or no tree at all) wishing you best of everything for the festive season and have a happy and safe new year 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Christmas time

While browsing accross some of my favourite blogs, i came across this really wonderful Christmas project. I think it is super doable and exteremly good looking Wreath. I think it is real fun way to spend and afternoon with your kids. If you are already done with all your christmas decoration this year, do file this as a must do idea for next year.
Also while you are there check out this blog by Meg, she has some real neat ideas and like her blog name "Whatever" it covers lot of different stuff, one of my daily read blogs.


I try to visit my fav blogs every day (i can make serious face & pretend that i am looking at very important "work related" information ) and would wonder if the blogs were not updated daily ( i mean how much effort is REALLY required) . But now that i have writing my own blog (last updated Dec 10th) i realise how much of discipline does it require to write so many interesting and fun stuff on daily basis .Given the pace of life that it is and thousand and one things that we have to handle all around,  it is REAL HUGE deal to dohence my new found admiration and respect for all the bloggers. A serious hats off to all of you for making an effort.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Brick Mortar and...Dream: Wish List

Brick Mortar and...Dream: Wish List: "It has to reflect my personal style here is the wish list of things that would like to see - High Celings - Lots of window - light ..."

Wish List

It has to reflect my personal style here is the wish list of things that would like to see
- High Celings
- Lots of window
- light color wall and flooring
- Lots of air and light
- eco friendly (any tip on how is most welcome)
- clean lines
- nothing too ornate
- practical and functional.

Simple clean lines of the house attracts me most, while i do admire large archways and sloping roof. Clean lines always attracted , there is something about this look which says practical and mordern

Thursday, December 9, 2010