Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Janmashtami

He who sees me in all things, and all things in me, is never far from me, and I am never far from him.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shop at Shopo

Oooh new online design store in town and one that looks extermly promising , so naturally I had to check it out and share my thoughts on it. Well this babe is called Shopo  and “it’s a marketplace for everything with an Indian heart” .

Starting with the basics, the faces behind Shopo are Krithika Nelson and Theyagarajan S and hundreds of craftsmen and artisans. The unique thing about shopo is it’s like a set of multiple store with each having separate rules and the product ranges from jewelry to books and home accessories and wallets and home furnishing.

Now about my experience on this site, what I really liked was the home page, its so bright and inviting and every thing is laid out so well. The category listing is exhaustive, so you can get to what you want real quick (separate category for Skirt , Pjyama for kids , Belt etc ) and also by the design brands( chumbak, Kya cheez hai etc)

Eco Friendly Paper Bag for Rs. 30 - I like when things costs less than my morning coffee (yeah, i m kinda cheap that way) and it does hurt when it is so beautiful and also good to nature

Since I am on a look out for nice lampshades I checked that out first I got 7 options , not a lot but could do with it good part price is listed right on top again makes it easy to decide.
Next up Cushion covers coz you never can have enough of those right ?? And this is where the range is impressive and almost in all price points ( I definitely like this).when you click on the thing you want to buy it takes you to the page with all the details like Size specs ,  type of material , who is the seller and how long it would take to deliver etc and even recommends something similar if you want to have a look. Important point the shipping charges are over and above the cost. Since I didn’t actually buy anything from the site as yet not sure whether they deliver outside india or not ..guess you’lll have to check that out yourselves. 

this is how you use your old records, convert them in piece of art and utility all for RS. 450

And yes, before I wrap up , the site has a “Sell” segment as well, in case you own a product line or would like to own one , you could tie up with Shopo , some details are listed on the site and rest I guess you need to contact them.  

Very colorful and very interestin bag for Rs. 380

(All image courtsey Shopo Website)

All in all very happy with what I saw, look of site is inviting, collection is impressive and seemed easy to navigate ..def high on my recommendation list. Do check out the site here and also you could check out their FB page or follow on twitter for more updates

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Raindrop keeps falling on my head ....

Glorious glorious weather for last 2 days, of course i am working from home today extending the loong weekend :)

just humming this song along... 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Rakshabandhan

(via google images)

To all my wonderful brother and sisters.....we have laughed together, cried together understand my smile and my tears ...thanks for just being there 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shop Stop - Mora Taara

I have always wanted to own a interior design store - those cutesy types that sell one of the kind stuff which you would be proud to place in your home.  Till the time that dream is well just  a dream i never fail to check out the design stores (much to my husband's charging !!) which kind of seems like the place i would like to have  some day. 

In that very state of mind i entered Mora Taara today in galaxy mall today and i was so very disappointed. I was attracted by the window display , it held lots of promise , kitsch cushion covers ,  colorful chai glasses etc but when i entered the store there was nothing that you wouldn't have seen before. Most of the stuff seem like such you would find in bangkok / ho chi min street market (mother of pearl lined cutlery ,faux vintage clocks )  ..I was sooo very disappointed except of course for the sketch of a very beautiful lady in the photo frames and other knick knacks very old world charm about it.

Before writing this article i googled about the store,  hoping they might have a website and i could learn more about them or find something exciting after all. While they don't have website,  i came across this interview of owner Anuradha at Kanika Bahl's blog … 
She mentions the store is named after her grandmother Taara - awwwww seriously cute is that and i am hoping that's her grandmother in those photoframes,  i mentioned earlier ….enchantingly beautiful.

She also mentions that "Two of those years I was with a newspaper in Bangkok and I travelled a lot in South East Asia then. So that was natural place for me to start sourcing."…...see i wasn't very wrong about street market of vietnam and thailand ;) 

Although disappointed about the store,  I am glad i went there and searched about it coz now i know about Kanika's blog and i am seriously loving it right now …i  always knew there is something good about visiting these stores :) 

Monday, August 8, 2011

After a Year ...

Not My words ..Quoted from a book I was reading 

This postcard is written in a small hotel in Sao Paulo,
Tomorrow morning, i will begin another long journey,
By then, a plane carrying you from the other side of earth
Will Soar into the unfamiliar afternoon,
Sorry, I have departed,
Sorry, we cannot be together,
To the face I've yet to meet,
Yet to be separated,
But still missed in joy,
What is your name ?


Good Morning ...

..wish every monday morning was as amazing as this !!