Sunday, July 31, 2011


Well excuse me, but I think you've got my chair...

The Chair song comes to mind when you see these beauties. I was looking for some furnitures online for inspiration when i came across this site EDRA. All the designs on this site is a piece of beauty in itself. 

Like this four - leafed clover shaped chair with petals design 

and this hand knotted tight rope design

this candy color collection of chair that will brighten up any space 

"crazy paving” mirrors form a table dazzling top

and finally this beauty...for sure to inspire many interesting conversation and thoughts. 

Well the good part is some of these lovely pieces are available in India. Pallate in bombay stocks this collection.  
Do check out the site ...they don't mention the price of these but looking at this kind of fine italian craftmanship, it will surely not come easy on pocket :)  but then again these beauties are worth saving up for ! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Is this really lame ?

I bought new furniture and i am bursting the tiny bubbles on the bubble wrap i really getting senile ? Is it ok for a grown up  woman to do this or is it really really lame.


It was a day of double rainbows 

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Lobby @Laguna resort and spa Nusa Dua , Bali 

You had me at hello...

......or some sentiments very similar to that, when i saw this month's edition of Prismma. I wrote about this magazine first edition a while ago and since then this one has gone from strength to strength. 
I love the cover for this edition, i am going through a vintage, classic phase right now and that surely makes me lust for the green bench/chair on the cover. Infact there is so many things to love, 280 pages of total inspiration and beauty. 
That Green bench on cover comes from house of  Gaurav and Simple owners of very famous turquoise cottage. If i ever own a house i would surely be very inspired by their deign aesthetics so these pages are going in my design inspiration file.

Then there is a very informative article on Bathroom design and some very practical tips to keep in mind while designing your bathroom. And an interview of Rajat Tuli of "happily married" since i am a huge fan of Happily unmarried quirky designs , its a pleasure reading the brand journey.Kudos to the editorial team for their effort, you can see there is lot of sweat and labour gone into this magazine. 

One special note to who so ever designed the layout very very user friendly, navigating the pages is a breeze. There are different layout options and search function to make things smooth for you. 

Do check out this magazine ..there are 280 pages no advert for now so there is tons of information to enjoy and get inspired.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

Shop Stop - Moha

I visited this store last year fell in love in first instant. Couldn't write earlier about this coz i had forgotten its name and misplaced the card somewhere. Finally had a chance to revisit it this wednesday and now getting a chance to write about it. 
Moha is one of the many lifestyle stores in Rajiv Gandhi Handicraft Bhavan (opp hanuman mandir in C.P.) and stands out as one having the best collection for your entire home. Their range of products include paintings,  furnitures, Pottery, Sculptures, aromatherapy etc.

As you enter, a blue wall on the left draws you, color and decor of this wall is so tempting that you would surely like to convert of your house wall like this. Collection is eclectic and staff very friendly , they leave you to browse the store and are there should you need any help. 

I am in love with each and every item in the store and given a chance and money :) would pick up everything. Some of the furniture has very vintage look and it reminded me of furniture at my ancestral home , not sure if they are actually vintage or designed to look like that but would tug your heart nonetheless

Do check out their website , surely would tempt you to have a look in the store The collection is simply awesome, although on a expensive side.

For people in delhi ,  this store is a must visit , you would definitely pick up something.

PPD -3


Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Setting Sun, inky blue sky , vast ocean, still pool .. 

@ Sheraton Krabi

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

pic per day - 1

Since I am not able to update the blog as frequently as i would like it, have decided to upload atleast one picture per day (PPD).

This one was taken in Chamba sometime last year ...i can feel the crispness of air right now

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Change is easy ...

...but not really for me. I am now old (30!) set in my ways, atleast that's what i used to think.
I am not a gadget person although i sometime give into temption of being seen with "right" i bought i pod when it was cool to do so and a macbook coz a girl does need a good personal laptop right ??

Mine would be most underutilized macbook , its been over a year and i wld hv a opened it twice and top it all its all white , so eveytime i take it out i am concerned about getting scracth or have a layer of dust on top of it ...well i digress , this post was in reponse to indiblogger Change is easy ( ) topic , where they would like us write about our favourite gadget and how it has made our life easier. Well, like i said earlier i am not much of a gadget freak  even the mobiles i used earlier were faily basic, my logic was we need phone is for talking so it should that purpose , you anyways have a ipod for listening to music , a decent camera for taking picture etc. All this was true till the time i finally bought a blackberry and i can truly say this is one gadget which has made my life so much easier, no longer have to sit in office waiting for that mail from boss to arrive or to wonder about client’s reponse (i do have an official dell laptop with data card, but you really cant carry laptop every where). I can easily step out of office for lunch with girls or a quick trip to mall to pick up essentials with total mental ease knowing i would not be missing any important mail in the interim.

I am truly in love with my blackberry especially in last 2 weeks , with me shuttling between hospital and home and managing home and office ..This has been a blessing and i am really happy i made this change; it has definetly made my life easy.