Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Art of Picture display

I like to collect paintings and pictures wherever i travel and as i result i have bunch of painting lying (in box of my bed actually) so i was thinking of finally taking them and putting it on some good use by displaying them. Since they are of all shapes and sizes i was wondering on the ways of displaying the same and i turned to my bible aka apartment therapy for some ideas and rightly so it there was an article  regarding the same.

I also searched on net for some ideas putting a few here (disclaimer- these pictures are taken from internet search and not my own)

Some real simple ideas are using same frame and similar pictures on display on a wall like the ones below ...if you live where IKEA has a store they have some great picture frames like these at very reasonable price. For those of us in india Lifestyle home store might be good place to start looking at ...any other idea is most welcome

these style of display would look great on a simple accent wall in any room

While these ideas are great i looked further for when neither the frame not the pictures are that cohesive some more ideas from internet search are

The one below is my absolute favorite ...there is a varied range of photos, frames and things on display and still everything is so co ordinated and pretty.

so these are some ideas ...will share what i finally ended up doing soon, would love to hear your thoughts ...

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