Friday, January 28, 2011

Closet control

As I am in midst of organizing my closet, almost my annual spring cleaning ritual which I missed during diwali this year, I was looking for some inspiration.

And I came across this article at apartment therapy about celebrities and their closets , if only I had that kind of money and space in a place like delhi ..............but a girl can dream right ??

Here are some of the tips which i found generally useful

 If you have not cleaned it for a while, make a party out of it ,Take a day off (pack off husband, kids to some other place) , get your best friend over and have some finger foods handy

1)   Put most clothes on hangers (facing one direction). Clothes hangers allow your clothes to remain wrinkle-free in your closet , easy to locate and to take out without disturbing the pile on top
2)   Invest in good quality hangers, if you are feeling fancy try wooden or silk lined hangers. For day today use I find the laminated metal ones are very good and lasts long. Use single type of hanger to give your closet a clean look.
3)   Separate clothes by season, in place like delhi where we have 3 distinct season, I try to spend some time at the beginning of every season to sort out clothes which are not required for next 3-4 months and get them dry-cleaned (always clean before storing) and  store in a good old trunk (I have a tiny closet) .  It makes the space look less cluttered
4)   A friend of mine suggested using whole black peppercorns instead of mothballs while storing clothes especially silks and other delicate fabrics. An eco friendly way of keeping insects away. If incase you do want to use mothball, instead of just scattering them around put a few in the old socks and leave it in your storage space
5)   Sort out clothes by office wear / lesuire wear / party wear etc will help when you have to dash out for office in 5 mins.
6)   If you like wearing saree ( I do) pair saree with matching blouse and petticoat and store at one place
7)   If the cloth doesn’t fit give away (maid’s daughter, drivers wife or simply donate), hoping that you would lose weight and be finally be able to wear that size 6 dress will not happen and even if you do lose weight and become size 6 again most likely that dress would be dated and you would not wear anyways.
8)   Buy small wicker baskets to store to undergarments, socks, napkins etc, you would know what is where and not spend that precious morning time

And while we are at it here are some of my dream cabinets

From Closet Shelf  I don’t care much for leopard print rug ..but the sheer size is overwhelming

For a smaller space, I find this idea from closet – shelf  quiet useful

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