Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I am jealous of Madame President …

.............For she has the best garden I have ever seen. This Sunday I finally made it to Mughal Garden at Rashtrapati Bhawan and man what a sight !!! Despite being part of 50000+ crowd ( we do are billion plus people country), it was a treat to walk in those garden. It’s huge and very well maintained. Peonies in full bloom and were a total delight. Rose garden was a little bit of disappointment as the flowers were not in full bloom, what with out of season rain & cold (yes weather god ..could you please make it warm for  holi, for we do like to play with wet colors)

I digress the garden is amazing , I can imagine sitting there in crisp winter morning and having a cup of tea or some thandi lassi in summer evening . Unfortunately cameras were not allowed (no mobile, electronic car key, hand bag, water bottle etc) so  I cant share some beautiful pictures from the visit ..but if you have not visited so far, do make it a point to go , its quiet a retreat in middle of city.

(Image : President of india.nic)

(Image : Bharat Online)

(Image : President of india.nic)

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