Saturday, March 5, 2011

London times

Just came back after watching The king's speech , beautiful movie, was reminded of beautiful city of London.  A place on  my sure shot re-visiting list. Sharing some memories of that place...

Ahhh London when will you call me again ?


  1. Yeah London when will you call me, It's so so beautiful. I went in April, infact, the day of royal wedding I was in London.

  2. Sigh! I came back from London after a year's stay in 2009. And have still not gotten over it. Your pictures reminded me of a great times there.

  3. @Saru - i envy you, i am sure the whole atmosphere must be buzzing while you were there
    @Sudha - i was there just for a week or so ..i m sure you have many happy memories of that place :)