Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'll always have a sunrise.... I'll always have a sunset

There is something so serene , enchanting and absolutely riveting about both sunrise and sunsets. Admittedly I haven’t witnessed many sunrises (def not a morning person ) but loads of beautiful sunsets all across the world .
Lane of beautiful auroville bathed in morning sun ...

And probably for the first time, we started this new year by watching sunrise in Pondicherry ..I have a feeling the year might be better beacuse of such a beautiful start

And now for beautiful sunsets ..this is one is in Colombo, view from our room

In Langkawi .. from a very adventurous and memorable trip with my best friend

This one is in Chamba , catch the play of sun rays on the rippling water of ravi river

From our first trip to pondicherry

Bondi Beach Australia ..

Check out the expressions ...lovee it

Mighty Al Burj with mighter setting sun

Oh and this one is in Dharmshala, love the play of colors in the sky against the dark background of hills

From the balcony of our house during "Chhatt" Pooja

And this one is from long time back in Kanyakumari...Sunrise on my first trip with husband ...



  1. These are just awesome - I too love sunsets and sunrises and your pictures are breathtaking! My words are too little to describe what you have posted. Thanks:)

  2. BEAUTIFUL CAPTURES! Loved them.. All are potential wall papers or screen savers!
    Kudos to your effort of collating them. :)

  3. thanks sanjeev, "spicy sweet" , appreciate all your comments ...all these moments are very close to heart and reminder of beautiful times

  4. Amazing pics, A lot of people click pictures but you've got talent. Never seen so beautiful pics with sun as a focal point.