Friday, April 15, 2011

In the summer time when the weather is high

As the temperature in Delhi starts hitting 40 degrees (and it is just April yet !!!) , I was looking for ways to keep my home cool, without switching on AC 24x7. Some of the things you could try.

First and foremost Unplug/Switch Off Unused Electronics, Not only they increase your electricity bill – even while in sleep mode - they also convert some of that power into heat. By unplugging everything you can and putting the rest on switchable surge protectors, you can potentially save yourself a lot of money and unnecessary heat.

Paint the rooftop white, white being a reflective color would reflect out the heat and keep the house cooler

Wayyy back when we were kids, there was a whole ritual associated with buying Khus mat at beginning of summer, putting it up and making sure its kept moist through the day . This the most natural way of keeping the home cool throughout the summer.

Change your drape to thick cotton drapes in light shades can keep the heat away without blocking the sunlight. Two layers of drapes with an inner lining can improve insulation. Traditional cane or wicker blinds in light hues can add more colour and beauty to your interiors and at the same time keep the coolness in.
Hang a clothesline close to the windows / doors so the breeze blowing in through the wet clothes cools the air around. Hanging wet clothes inside the room on a metal clothes stand can keep the indoors cooler.

During my college days, staying in hostel, we had another innovative way to keep ourselves cool , we would dip the bed sheet in cold water  wring it till its almost dry and wrap it around ourselves and switch on the fan, it always worked J 

and ofcorse surrounding yourself with lot of greenery would really really bring the temperature down and keep your mood upbeat

Let me know if you try any of these ideas this summer or share your ideas ..


  1. gorgeous post.. I loved the first image.. with the blinds.. very pretty! You've got a lovely blog!! :-)

  2. Thanks Patricia , yours is the first comment ever !! , i truly cherish this :)

  3. Super Idea Shilpi! Loved your idea for summer! Loved the ideas. I shall surely implement atleast one of those ideas this summer.
    Good that I came across your blog. Loved reading your posts!