Wednesday, May 18, 2011

44 degree and going up

It's hot, super duper hot, kind of weather in delhi where you would just not want to step out of home, close yourself in a cool dark room and drink lot of cold lassi and watermelon juice and just pretend that nothing in the world is important enough to care..if only !!!

I am reminded of the bamboo mats that we used during these summer months , whether to sleep on the cold cemented floor during the day or take it up to terrace in evening and just lounge around in cool evening breeze or for elaborate wedding rituals of our dolls.

Bamboo mats have now evolved from the sad brown looking thing standing in corner to be multi colored aesthetically pleasing

colorful mats

As bathroom mats 

Table mats

as rugs ...,

 (All images from google images)

so how about using some bamboo mats this summer to keep your cool and keeping your house colorful ? 

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