Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Curtain tie back

I had a quick flash of idea this morning which i wanted to share with you all. I was in middle of cleaning of my cupboard (i am always and still its never clean :( ) and there were some odd pairs of bangles lying around colorful, bright and studded with all possible color of stones. Now my mother is dead against throwing bangles away and there is possibly no place left in house to keep these single pieces ..and lo and behold an idea struck why dont i use them as curtain tie back !!!

Just think about it they are colorful and sturdy and super cheap so i went ahead and did it  , bunched up the curtain and slid the bangles through , and guess what it looks super cool. Imgaine a stuck of different color bangles on ur curtain what a colorful statement to make.

Will share the photos of my curtain with bangles as soon as i click and upload ...but i am sure get the idea...let me know what you think of it.

P.S. works best with thick sort of curtain on muslin curtain might slip through

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