Sunday, July 10, 2011

Change is easy ...

...but not really for me. I am now old (30!) set in my ways, atleast that's what i used to think.
I am not a gadget person although i sometime give into temption of being seen with "right" i bought i pod when it was cool to do so and a macbook coz a girl does need a good personal laptop right ??

Mine would be most underutilized macbook , its been over a year and i wld hv a opened it twice and top it all its all white , so eveytime i take it out i am concerned about getting scracth or have a layer of dust on top of it ...well i digress , this post was in reponse to indiblogger Change is easy ( ) topic , where they would like us write about our favourite gadget and how it has made our life easier. Well, like i said earlier i am not much of a gadget freak  even the mobiles i used earlier were faily basic, my logic was we need phone is for talking so it should that purpose , you anyways have a ipod for listening to music , a decent camera for taking picture etc. All this was true till the time i finally bought a blackberry and i can truly say this is one gadget which has made my life so much easier, no longer have to sit in office waiting for that mail from boss to arrive or to wonder about client’s reponse (i do have an official dell laptop with data card, but you really cant carry laptop every where). I can easily step out of office for lunch with girls or a quick trip to mall to pick up essentials with total mental ease knowing i would not be missing any important mail in the interim.

I am truly in love with my blackberry especially in last 2 weeks , with me shuttling between hospital and home and managing home and office ..This has been a blessing and i am really happy i made this change; it has definetly made my life easy.


  1. Brick Mortar is something related to doing business online, right?

  2. And anyone can get addicted to gadgets.