Saturday, July 23, 2011

You had me at hello...

......or some sentiments very similar to that, when i saw this month's edition of Prismma. I wrote about this magazine first edition a while ago and since then this one has gone from strength to strength. 
I love the cover for this edition, i am going through a vintage, classic phase right now and that surely makes me lust for the green bench/chair on the cover. Infact there is so many things to love, 280 pages of total inspiration and beauty. 
That Green bench on cover comes from house of  Gaurav and Simple owners of very famous turquoise cottage. If i ever own a house i would surely be very inspired by their deign aesthetics so these pages are going in my design inspiration file.

Then there is a very informative article on Bathroom design and some very practical tips to keep in mind while designing your bathroom. And an interview of Rajat Tuli of "happily married" since i am a huge fan of Happily unmarried quirky designs , its a pleasure reading the brand journey.Kudos to the editorial team for their effort, you can see there is lot of sweat and labour gone into this magazine. 

One special note to who so ever designed the layout very very user friendly, navigating the pages is a breeze. There are different layout options and search function to make things smooth for you. 

Do check out this magazine ..there are 280 pages no advert for now so there is tons of information to enjoy and get inspired.

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