Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shop Stop - Mora Taara

I have always wanted to own a interior design store - those cutesy types that sell one of the kind stuff which you would be proud to place in your home.  Till the time that dream is well just  a dream i never fail to check out the design stores (much to my husband's charging !!) which kind of seems like the place i would like to have  some day. 

In that very state of mind i entered Mora Taara today in galaxy mall today and i was so very disappointed. I was attracted by the window display , it held lots of promise , kitsch cushion covers ,  colorful chai glasses etc but when i entered the store there was nothing that you wouldn't have seen before. Most of the stuff seem like such you would find in bangkok / ho chi min street market (mother of pearl lined cutlery ,faux vintage clocks )  ..I was sooo very disappointed except of course for the sketch of a very beautiful lady in the photo frames and other knick knacks very old world charm about it.

Before writing this article i googled about the store,  hoping they might have a website and i could learn more about them or find something exciting after all. While they don't have website,  i came across this interview of owner Anuradha at Kanika Bahl's blog … 
She mentions the store is named after her grandmother Taara - awwwww seriously cute is that and i am hoping that's her grandmother in those photoframes,  i mentioned earlier ….enchantingly beautiful.

She also mentions that "Two of those years I was with a newspaper in Bangkok and I travelled a lot in South East Asia then. So that was natural place for me to start sourcing."…...see i wasn't very wrong about street market of vietnam and thailand ;) 

Although disappointed about the store,  I am glad i went there and searched about it coz now i know about Kanika's blog and i am seriously loving it right now …i  always knew there is something good about visiting these stores :) 

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