Monday, February 28, 2011

Awadh ki Shaan ?

I was really really looking forward to this visit first to lucknow and nothing went as expected (whats new ?? ) no I didn’t get to shop (just one suit doesn’t count, right ? ) nor did enjoy the famous kebabs and dahi bhallas (except for a really nice lunch at Clark’s) nor could visit bada immabara and bhul bhullya  , heck I didn’t even have time to click some decent pics of the Taj Vivanta we were staying in …but nonetheless it was time well spent with family and the beautiful wedding that we were part of …..some of the out of focus pictures that I managed on the way ….

Btw I have an appeal to people of lucknow , how can they let some one ruin this beautiful city by building inane concrete structures of herself  ?

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