Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Artist - Mukul Goyal

I came across work of Mukul Goyal recently and am so very impressed by his collection that I had to share this with you all.

His websites says “His inspirations are drawn from everyday life and his designs are a blend of traditional materials with contemporary expression, uncomplicated yet exuberant - a simple story but always told with a twist!”

Most of stuff I saw was either made of stainless steel or brass and trust me his each of his piece are masterwork and definitely collectible item

Lunchtime salt and pepper shakers

How cute is the explanation-  Lost in a post lunch reverie, salt and pepper add spice to the table by their engaging relationship .

Beer pitcher – husband highly approves of

Can I have more icecream pllllleaaaseeeeee

Tea light

Add some glamour to your office desk

Aint u love with his steelmen too?

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