Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Color me ...red , yellow , blue...

I get bored easily, actually very easily so while the idea of painting my walls in beautiful rich colors appeal very strongly but I know very soon I am going to hate it..so my plan is to paint the house neutral and add some pop of color in small doses and stuff that I could circulate around …here are my picks

Some very colorful cushions covers, probably the easiest and cheapest way to pep up any room

Bright colorful curtains

Colorful breadspreads  from Bombay dyeing

Bold color furniture ...Like these bright colorful chair design by Jessica Carnevale

if  not in mood to buy new furniture one can update old furniture upholstered with some  printed ones

Or some cool accessories

Lifestyle has a good collection as well,

and this area rug from Casamordern

electric blue vase from shopper stop

these colorful vases ..can use them as bud vase or simply display on window sill

add some pop of color on the wall through this multi color clock

and if i cant find anything else, bundle of all sorts flower ..will take the mood of room to another level

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