Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sofa ..So good

While browsing my fav website BLTD I instantly fell in love with this beautiful piece of furniture, and if I could seriously afford it (at $3500 , its slightly beyond my budget :) ), would have ordered right away. 

looking at it brought back memories from my growing up days. Most of my “sleeping time” at my parents place have been in living room on the couch , I remember when I would get back home for holidays during my college days, living room couch was the fav place, watching TV, reading books late in night  and ultimately falling asleep, till the time ma would come and wake me up and some how I would reach my bed at night and then would be back in sofa in early morning for my second round of sleep ( 7 am till whatever time I could manage without being physically pushed over by sis and  ma) …I am sure my sleeping on those couch was the single reason for why we had to change so many sofas (at that time I blamed the transportation company which would handle our furniture during dad’s frequent transfer) …ahhhh..those  days …

so here is collection of some of the sofas available in the market, like is said before I prefer the clean simple lines and some sort of “sleepability” in my couch ..what’s your choice

From Durian, they have range in leather , leatherite and Fabric

This sectional from the urban decor..reminds me of the all white sectional which my sis has in her house (in her effort to be minimalistic)  and is covered with thick sheets most of the time for the fear of being touched with a haldi stanied hand :)

and this one from design store reminds of sofa at  home

and for a regal touch the silver sofa from rajasthan ....

I like these contemprorary styles ...

Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien for Moroso


and ofcorse all time all weather favourite the cane sofa

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