Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Inspired II

Continuing the inspiration theme from previous post, this post is for another inspired idea.

I am totally in awe / love with this post at Rajee Sood sharing a brilliant yet totally doable (even by a small kid) napkin arrangement. 
With sit down dinners becoming increasing infrequent and party with variety of  finger foods becoming morecommon, folding napkin has rather become a dying art. But this simple idea has brought back life to the art; this arrangement when placed in small bowls kept all over the dining area adds beauty to the room and totally practical.

Here is the image from the blog for the same

And In continuation with the inspired theme from the previous article , I again searched for more such brilliant ideas  

My research resulted in something absolutely intimidating which I am sure only few  would have energy patience to attempt ( I know I don’t  J )

From Funny pictures  a very artistic piece of work….

And there is actually  a whole site dedicated to folding napkins and teaches you how to make a simple fold for silver ware like this

 Or a  little more complicated one like Bird of paradise one below

Then there is one at interiordec which get inspired from the simple surroundings a very eco friendly way of doing napkins for sit down dinners

From Good housekeeping a very simple idea, adding a twig of rosemary will bring garden inside

And for that romantic dinner for this valentine's day there is a  heart shaped napkin for inspiration ;)

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