Thursday, February 10, 2011

WFH ( working from home)

As the possibility of working home increases, I was doing a bit of research on how I would like my home office to look like. Given the fact that “home office” for me now is a small-ish computer table overflowing with stationery, snail mails etc in the guest bedroom, the research is more theoretical than rather practical but like I said in past a girl can dream right ??

Hmmm so this is what my office / library would look like if I have all that space. I could totally imagine myself surrounded by all those books sitting on couch by fireplace in winters …..

ok back on earth ….Reality check 1, 2 , 3

Since most of us really don’t have that kind of space  now ..i looked for some small space options and was pleasantly surprised with the options available

These 2 are  my absolute favorite

I like the color on the wall, tons of sunlight and shelf spaces …simple and practical

And this look  … for that perfect mix  of old world charm and new world bold colors

For that little girl in you

And the elegant women

Small office option ranges from small closet space

 to a one wall space in the room

Or a hallway

to even an old  cupboard !!

How amazing are these ideas ..definitely worth copying ..

and incase you are not really looking for re doing the office I leave you with this picture of amazing space organizer

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