Monday, February 7, 2011

Reducing Clutter

The rented house I am currently residing in is quiet small (1200 sqft – 3 bedroom) and keeping it clutter free is quiet a challenge. So here are my tips of trying to reduce that clutter

1)   First identify the most cluttered area of house and then what are the top most items creating that clutter. Usually its gadgets related like mobile chargers, ear phones, data cable for laptops, loose change (coins), old newspaper, shopping bills etc. If it helps , have a note pad handy where you actually jot down things that are simply lying around.

2)   Now that you have a list of thing causing that clutter , design and designate a place for each of these items and let every member in family know about it.

3)   For all electronic related items like mobile , laptop charger I have hung a fabric wall hanger. So not you don’t have to hunt for mobile charger when your mobile is at last battery level   but also reduce all the accidental tripping due to wires floating all around.

4)   For all the incoming mails (credit card , mobile bills etc ) hang a metal board near your “office” space (mine is more like a computer table in the guest bedroom). All the mails can be stuck on it with a fridge magnet. Tackle all the mails at one go throwing all the non required paper in your recycle bin

5)   Did you know that the kabaddi wala who comes to buy your old newspaper also takes the small bits and pieces of paper like shopping bills, torn envelops etc. ?So instead of throwing them in dustbin , I dump it all in one laundry bag (tied to the grill in back balcony) for kabaddi wala

6)  Keep two foldable laundry bags (I bought mine from sarjoni nagar market) near your washing machine to separate whites and colored clothes. You would know when a load of it is ready and you can dump it washing machine conveniently. I also have 2 hooks on the wall above the washing machine to hang these bags when on rare days all laundry is done.

7)  Similar to the hooks for laundry bag,  I have hung small plastic shelf on the same wall where we keep all laundry related stuff like detergents etc frees up space from bathroom.

8)  Another thing in my home that creates clutter are freshly washed clothes – those are yet to go to dhobi for pressing and so cannot be kept in our cupboard especially on the days when dhobi fail to show up. I am on a look out for a small storage space where clothes can be “parked” from hanging rail till it reaches dhobi. I would like it keep it in the same balcony where I hang my clothes, I guess it would be easier to store then.

9)  Have a piggy bank for all those small coins lying around, end of the month treat at mc Donald’s with the money saved would be delightful ;)

10)  Last but not the least, try and devote 15 mins every day in cleaning and making sure everything is at it’s place , its better than having to spend a whole weekend doing that.

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